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Important Announcement

During th past two years members of the three Gloster Specialty Clubs existing in the USA discussed and voted upon the option of disolving the existing clubs and forming one Gloster Association in the USA.

Members of the NGC (The National Gloster Club)  voted not to join a new group but to retain their individual identity. 

The results of voting by the membership of the IGBA - USA (International Gloster Breeders Association - USA)  and by the membership of the UGB  (United Gloster Breeders) indicated that a majority of officers and members of both clubs wished to  join together in the formation of a new Gloster Specialty Club.

In subsequent votes, the name "Association of Gloster Breeders" was chosen and a Board of Directors for the new organization was selected.

The New Gloster Specialty club "Association of Gloster Breeders" came into existence on January 1, 2016 and the International Gloster Breeders Association -USA and the United Gloster Breeders ceased to exist as individual entities.

Association of Gloster Breeders Officers for 2016

President - Charles Long

577 W. Holland, Clovis, CA 93612

Vice-President - Alan Dean

1198 S. Hilda Street, Anaheim, CA 92806

Secretary/Treasurer - Barbara Rosario

715 Avocado Court, Del Mar, CA 92014-3911

Board of Trustees for the Association of Gloster Breeders

Mary Tarsitano, Jan Davie, Sandra Foote-Gregory, Ioan Coca

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